What is Residence Certificate

Residence Certificate Telangana is issued  as proof of residence to avail domicile/resident quota in educational  institutions and in the State/Central Government services and also in the case of jobs where preference to local candidates is available as per  Government of India instructions issued from time to time.

Who needs a Residence Certificate

Students for admission purpose when they need to claim local quota.

Where can I apply for Residence Certificate Telangana

            You can apply for the residence certificate at the nearest meeseva centre or T-Folio App.

What are the documents required for applying for Residence Certificate?

            Application Form

            Aaadhaar Card/EPIC Card

School Bonafide Certificate


How many days does it take to get an Income Certificate?

            It takes around 7 days to get the certificate.

Validity of Income Certificate

            It is valid for a period of 1 year.

What is the Fee for Income Certificate?

Application fee is Rs. 45/- at meeseva centre.

Residence Certificate Application Status

            We can check the application status online at ts.meeseva.gov.in

Residence Certificate Telangana Printout

            Visit the nearest meeseva to get a printout.

Residence Certificate Application Form

Residence Certificate Affidavit