What is Mutation of Property ?

Mutation of Property is the process of updating the details of the new owner of the property in revenue records. The change of ownership can happen due to various reasons like purchase, gift, death of the current owner etc.,. It is very essential to update the current owner details, as wrong information in the revenue records will lead to legal complications at a later date. Only after mutation of property is done, one can get a new pattadar passbook with the new entries. Revenue records get updated with new ownership details after the application has been reviewed and approved. It is also essential to check Pahani or Adangal records after the application is submitted to check the accuracy of record and if the correct information is updated.

Importance of Mutation of Property ?

Mutation of Property is very important process to update the ownership details of a property. It is an essential step as with out this process revenue records cannot be updated with latest information. It is also very important to check the accuracy of revenue records from time to time by checking ROR, Pahani or Adangal copies.

Where can you apply for mutation ?

One can apply for it at the nearest Meeseva or Eseva Center.

How much does it cost apply for mutation ?

How many days does it take to get a mutation copy ?

It takes around 45 days

Documents required to apply for mutation ?

All the documents required for Mutation of Property are scanned and submitted online at Meeseva or Eseva centers. The physical copy of the documents is required to be submitted with the local Revenue Office of the property

1. Application form 6A

2. Sale Deed Copy

3. Pattadar Passbook

4. Passport Size Photo

5. Signature of the buyer

6. Aadhar Card