Things to check before buying a property, buying a land, buying a house or buying a flat

It is very important for one to check and verify details before buying property, before buying a land, before buying a house or before buying a flat

  1. The first and foremost important thing to do is get a Encumbrance Certificate (EC).
  2. In the Encumbrance Certificate(EC) one can see all the transactions pertaining to the buying/selling of the property.
  3. In the Encumbrance Certificate (EC) one can get information like date of registration, Buyers name (Claimant), Sellers name (Executant), Value of registration of the property, Registered Document Number, Year of Registration and the sub registrar office where the property was registered.
  4. One needs to check if there are any gaps in the registration.
  5. Get all the certified copies (CC) of all the documents in the registration
  6. Compare all the original documents with Certified Copies (CC).
  7. Once everything is verified and validity.
  8. you are good to make the property purchase.