What is Market Value of Property?

Market value of property is the price set by the government based on the market conditions. The registration and other fees are calculated based on the official market value. You can check Market Value Telangana on Department of Registration and Stamps Department website.

It is the minimum value of the property as per the registration and stamps department. Registration of properties is one of the main sources of revenue for government

What is the use of Market Value?

  1. Estimate the official value of the property.
  2. Calculate the registration and other fees for the property.
  3. Bankers consider the Market value when calculating loan eligibility.

How to check Market Value Telangana?

Visit the registration and Stamps Department website at https://registration.telangana.gov.in/UnitRateMV/getDistrictList.htm

Registration and Stamps Department Website, Telangana

Click Market Value Search and select the district, mandal, village and location

Market Value Search
Market Value Search Tealangana

Select District

District Selection Market Value Search

Select location

Area Selection Market Value Search
Market Value Search District Selection
Market Value Search Area Selection
Market Value Search Area Selection

Select locality with Ward-Block to check Market Value

Market Value Certificate
Market Value Search Locality Search

Market Value of locality with Ward-Block. It lists the Land Rate per Sq Yard and Composite Rate per Sf Ft of building in the locality.

Market Value

Difference between Market Value and Market Price?

Market value is the value set by the government.

Market Price is the value of property based on the demand and supply. The market price is the price at which you will buy/sell the property.