How to Apply for Dharani Market Value Certificate for Agricultural Land in Telangana

A copy of the Market Value can be downloaded from Dharani Website. The Government of Telangana has created a dedicated website for the registration and maintenance of agricultural land records for the state of Telangana. 

Information required for Market Value of agricultural land

District, Mandal, Village, and Survey Number

How to download Dharani Market Value for agricultural land

  1. Visit dharani website
  3. Click Agriculture
Dharani Website, Government of Telangana
Dharani Website

4. Click View market Value of lands for Stamp Duty

Dharani Services, Government of Telangana
Dharani Website Services

5. Select the District, Mandal, Village, Survey Number and enter the captcha and click Fetch to get the Dharani Market Value Certificate. Download the Market Value Assistance Certificate by Click Here link.

Dharani Market Value Certificate

6. Sample Market Value Certificate for agricultural land

Sample Dharani Market Value Certificate
Sample Market Value Certificate for Agricultural Land

Additional Information on Market Value

  1. Market Value is set by the Government based on the market conditions
  2. Market Price is different from Market Value.
  3. Market value is the minimum value of the property for registration purposes.
  4. Market value for agricultural lands in certificate is per acre.
  5. Registration of property can be done at a higher value than market value.
  6. Stamp duty and registration charges are calculated based on the registration value of the property.
  7. Market value is revised upwards from time to time by the government to suit market conditions.
  8. Banks use market value and market price when considering bank loans.

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