If you have lost your passport in India. You can apply for a new Passport using below documents

Missing Passport Documents 

  1. Copy of your passport or Passport details
  2. Police Complaint Missing Passport
  3. Passport Application

If you have a passport copy or passport details you need to submit a police complaint. 

Submit the police complaint with all passport details and where you have lost your passport. The police will verify and issue a certificate. Submit a copy of the police complaint with your passport application. 

If you do not have your passport details. Visit the nearest regional passport office (RPO) in your city and share your details like Last Name, First Name, Place of issue, DoB, and your address proof or ID Proof.

After getting the information about your passport, file a police complaint and use the police complaint certificate with your passport application.

How to find Missing Passport Details

Visit the nearest Regional Passport Office (RPO) with your details, get your passport details.