Baby steps

First and foremostly, try to develop the habit of looking at them while speaking. Do this whenever you speak, whether it is a group of 5 or 50 individuals. When you get comfortable to look at them, try to speak small things but in an unfaltering manner. When you do this comfortably, try to make it a habit to talk to firstly 5 people, then 10 and then go on increasing the numbers.

Practice makes a man perfect

Stand before a mirror,with a comb in hand, and then start talking. By doing like this, you will know about the way in which you are speaking, and the number of times you move your hands.


Try to give power point presentations, in related conferences. With this, you can explain the subject matter without speaking more. Besides, you will have a definite framework to speak about and elaborate. It would not be something out of nothing that you would speak.

Used image is representational.

Source: eenadu india