It is one of the biological processes of our body which is intricately linked to our psychological and general well being. Whether you indulge into intense love making with your partner or go solo, orgasm is important for more than one reason for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should not miss your orgasms.

Boosts fertility

Orgasm energises your hypothalamus glands. Since this gland regulates your emotions, body temperature, appetite and even the pitutary gland. The pitutary gland in turn checks the release of reproductive hormones which induces ovulation and fluids from cervices. So when you enjoy orgasm it even enhances your fertility.

Causes you high relaxation

The process of orgasm stimulate the endomorphin levels in your body and also releases cortisols out of the body. This eases your stress and since endomorphis is the happy hormone, it keeps your mood light and happy.

Makes you look younger

When you are away from stress it has a positive effect on the way you look. It has been proven by many studies that making love three times a week visibly reduces 10 years from your actual age.

A cure to migrane

Adding to the pleasures of orgasm, it increases your capability to endure pain. It also cures migrane, which most people are found to be affected with.

Enhances oxycotin

Oxycotin is the hormone which makes us more social, i.e., helps us to bond well with fellow beings and ensure our success. The hormone is also responsible exciting our passion and making us more intutive. Hence, when you have orgasms, you become more social and successful!

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Source: eenadu india