How alcohol damages your skin

Alcohol hampers the stimulation of detoxifying agents in the body. Collagen production is greatly reduced that leads to flushing, broken blood vessels, deeper wrinkles, furrows and increased pore size. Moreover, alcohol is a blood thinner so it dilates blood vessels in your skin.

Tips to follow when consuming alcohol

  • Know the alcohol that you drink. Different beverages have different amounts of alcohol concentration present in them. Drinks like vodka and Irish whiskey dehydrate your skin much more than beer. In case you like your strong drink, dilute it well with lime juice, soda or spirit. If you stay where the temperature soars quite high then avoid tequila shots. It increases your body’s temperature.
  • Certain foods should be consumed after a heavy binge of alcohol because they absorb a considerable amount instead of letting it affect your skin. Fibrous foods and fruits like grape, banana, almond and carbohydrates like rice are good choices.
  • After a heavy night of drinking, have a multi-vitamin pill and consume large amounts of green vegetables. This will help you retain the glow of your skin.

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Source: eenadu india