Using taller lighting installations can enhance the appeal of high ceilings. Unless you want a dramatic shadowy effect at parts of your house, it is essential that you keep the space properly illuminated. Sometimes you may need to change the hue, so try changing the light from cooler to warmer. Standing lamps, pendants and directional lighting with warm glows are good choices.


Replace dated cabinets from the kitchen with contemporary and modular stainless steel open shelving. Home decor is all about design aesthetics and utility. You can also replace cupboard doors below your sink or kitchen slab with a curtain instead. In cases of bedrooms and living rooms, changing the furniture’s position itself is enough to make the space roomy or cozy.

Walls and accessories

A simple and often repeated tip, painting your walls changes everything about your house. Test different colours in different light settings by using colour swatches. Textures, wall art and designs are also good options. Installing accessories on the wall like tin squares, decorative tiles and empty wooden frames also add visual interest and substance to your home.

Try these home decor tips to have a newly decorated home without breaking your savings.

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