In order to apply for Birth Certificate, we need to check if the birth record is available in the GHMC Records

Option 1 :

  1. Download MY GHMC App from App store (iOS) or Play store (Android)
    • Android –
  2. Open MY GHMC App and click Birth Certificate.
  3. Click the Calender icon in the App and select date of birth
  4. Select Male or Female and click submit
  5. In the search results you can check for the records or you can use the search option to find the record
  6. On finding the record your searching for, click on the record and click Download/Share Certificate.
  7. You will get an OTP and submitting the OTP one should be able to download or share the birth certificate.

Option 2 :

  1. Visit the nearest meeseva centre and share the date of birth details and place of birth with the operator.
  2. The operator will search for the birth record and will update if the birth records are available or not.
  3. If the records are available one can apply for a copy of the Birth Certificate and get the copies.
  4. You should be able to get a copy instantly.
  5. In some cases , if you are applying for the first time, the system might show an error like “AMOH Approval Required”.
  6. When this error shows up, you might be able to get the Birth Certificate after one week.

After the first certificate is issued, one can apply for additional copies and get it instantly from any meeseva centre.