Building Regularization Scheme Application Tips

Building Regularization Scheme was recently announced by Government of Telangana for the properties within the limits of GHMC and HMDA. Building Regularization Scheme Application Process is completely online and there are a lot of things one needs to consider before starting the online application process. Below you will find a some tips  that will help with your online application process.

  1. Submit your application using Internet Explorer as your Browser. When using other browsers we have noticed problems during application submission process.
  2. Scan your documents using a dpi of 150 or less to retain good quality and readability. It also helps to keep your file sizes small enough to be easily uploaded.

    Building Regularization HMDA
  3. Save all your scanned copies in pdf format. You can only upload pdf files for Building Regularization Scheme application process.
  4. Name all your scanned documents properly to easily identify and upload them.
  5. Regular A4 sheets can be scanned using any regular scanner easily. One can scan the documents using a smart phone. A number of free and paid apps are available for different mobile OS.
  6. Picasa is a great and easy to use free tool, you can crop, adjust light, and export the images in various resolutions.
  7. Another useful tool I would recommend is cutepdf writer it can used to convert any file type into a pdf.
  8. When you need to scan large documents like drawings, use your smart phone or camera to take a good quality picture and convert those images to pdf. A number of free and paid tools are avaliable to convert images to pdf.
  9. Make a note of all the details required to fill the Building Regularization Scheme application before hand, as you cannot save the application in between and return.
  10. Check if your building falls under GHMC or HMDA limits before you start the Building Regularization Scheme Application process. You need to submit applications on two different websites