What is Birth Certificate ?

It is the record containing details regarding once Birth. The Certificate contains details like place of Birth, Parents Name, Date of Birth and Gender of the child.

Where can you apply for Birth Certificate GHMC?

You can apply for the Certificate at the nearest Meeseva or Eseva (When Birth records are available online). One can also apply for a Certificate at the concerned Municipal Office in cities or Tashildhar Office when place of Birth is a village.

How much does it cost apply for Certificate ?

It cost Rs.20/- for a copy.

How many days does it take to get a Birth Certificate ?

If the Birth record is available online, it will take about 15 minutes to get a copy of the Certificate.

Information required to apply for Birth Certificate GHMC ?

Information required to apply for the Certificate are Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Parents details.

Application Form

Additional Notes :

If one cannot find record online one can approach the local concerned office to update the records online. (In cities it is usually Municipal Office, In villages and towns it is Tashildar Office)

When you apply for a Birth Certificate it might not show child name. One needs to apply for Inclusion of Child name and get the child name updated.

If there is no record online one needs to apply for non-availability of Birth Certificate and get the records updated.

If there are any spelling mistakes in the Certificate, it is very important to get them corrected as Certificate is now mandatory for school admission and passport application. Check spellings in Your Name, Parents Name and Surname/Lastname.