If there are any mistakes in your birth certificate, you can get the mistakes corrected by birth certificate correction application.

Where Can I apply for correction in my Birth Certificate?

            You can apply at the nearest meeseva centre.

What corrections are permitted in the Birth Certificate?

  1. Single alphabet corrections in Child Name or Parents Names.
  2. Initials from single letters to full surname.
  3. Missing part of name in Child or Parents name.
  4. Any other minor corrections backed by valid proofs

All corrections/changes to be backed with valid proofs.

What corrections are not permitted in the Birth Certificate?

  1. One cannot make complete change of First or Last name. Need valid proof.

What documents are required for Birth Certificate correction?

  1. Application Form
  2. Affidavit
  3. Id Proofs with correct name and spelling

Time and Fee

            The application fee is Rs.45/- and takes around 14 days.

Application Status

            You can check application status at ts.meeseva.gov.in

Things to remember

  1. Check for correct spellings while filling and submitting the application.
  2. In the affidavit indicates the change in name i.e., before and after
  3. Submit valid id proofs to get quick approval
  4. Submit more than one proof, atleast 3 id proofs (recommended)
  5. Application form and id proofs to be signed by gazetted officer

Application Form

Sample Affidavit

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