What is the Mutation of agriculture land? 

Mutation of property is the process by which the ownership details of the property are updated in the local records. Mutation of agricultural land is required when a property is sold or gifted. When the owner of agricultural land passes away family members can apply for mutation.

Documents required for mutation of agriculture lands?

In case of Purchase

  1. Sellers Passbook
  2. Sale Deed
  3. Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
  4. Aadhaar Card of Purchaser
  5. Purchaser Passbook No. (if you already own a passbook in Telangana)

In case of death

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Legal heir certificate or family member certificate

How to Apply for Mutation of Agriculture Land in Telangana

  1. Visit Dharani website.
  2. Create a account in Dharani website.
  3. Login into Dharani website and click Apply for Mutation.
Dharani Website
Dharani Website
Dharani Login

4. If you have Passbook No. of seller you can select Yes

5. If you are not sure of Passbook No. you can click No and select the land details manually.

If you dont have Sellers Passbook No.

6. After verifying the details. Click the check box and enter the extent of land purchased.

7. Enter the registered document details Like sub-registrar office, document number, year of registration and attach scanned copy of registered document and encumbrance certificate.

8. If the buyer has a passbook, he can use the passbook no. and click proceed for payment.

9. If the buyer has no passbook, you can select No and click Add Buyer and proceed to payment to complete the mutation application process.

Add Buyer personal details

Buyer personal details

Mutation Charges for Agriculture Land in Telangana

The fee for mutation of agriculture land is Rs.2500/- per acre and there is an additional fee of Rs.300/- towards passbook and courier charges.

The preferred payment method for Dharani portal is Netbanking or Debit Card. Provision for credit card payment is not yet available..