What is Dharani Grievances for agriculture land matters?

To raise concerns relating to agriculture land, you can submit the application Grievances for land matters. One can raise any issues relating to agriculture land like missing extent, wrong information, missing survey numbers, et.,

Below is the list of options under which you can raise a complaint or grievances

  1. Agricultural land shown as NALA/houses/houses sites
  2. Cancelled the slot. Refund not received
  3. Duplicate PPB is not received
  4. Issue in GPA/AGPA/DEGPA options
  5. Mistake in Extent (More/Less)
  6. Mistake in extent of acquired lands
  7. Name is wrongly entered in the record
  8. Others
  9. PPB not issued
  10. Records to be modified as per count order
  11. Survey number not showing in Dharani

Below is a screenshot of the application form 

Dharani Grievances
Dharani Grievances
Dharani Grievances Agricultural Lands
Dharani Grievances Agricultural Lands
  1. Visit Dharani website and Login into your account.
  2. Click Grievance – Land Matters for general complaints
  3. Click Grievance relating to technical issues if you face any technical issues with the website
  4. Fill the application form with applicant details.
  5. Fill in the applicant’s contact information.
  6. Select Land details like District, Mandal, Village, and Survey Number.
  7. In the issue description, from the dropdown list select the option which closely relates to your issue.
  8. Type in the complaint in the description box.
  9. If you are unable to finish your complaint in the description box, attach a separate complaint with full details.

Attach required supporting documents to help resolve your concern and click submit.